"DJ Psycho hates making bios. Every year, the accolades get crazier, the shows get bigger, the awards keep stacking up and the vinyl collection gets more and more out of control. Being in the business 30-plus years has very few minuses...with the daunting task of capturing all of that fire and effort in one or two short paragraphs every year being the major exception.

Let's cut to the chase: Psycho's been a soldier since 1981. He's played in 4 bands and 2 hip-hop groups, been on TV and in some magazines a few times, won a Detroit Music Award in 2012, owns a basement full of records and plays them like he's trying to hurt you. He's known for his musical schizophrenia and his ever-present middle finger. Crowds love him because he's unpredictable. He just loves his music.

Biographies can't pin the man down, because there's always more than meets the eye with DJ Psycho. Go see him perform just once and you'll understand."

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