Eddie Fowlkes: The Belleville Fourth

MASSIVE DETROIT would like to welcome the godfather of Techno Soul Eddie Fowlkes to our Roster

Honored by the Detroit Historical Museum's exhibit "Techno: Detroit's Gift to the World," Eddie Fowlkes and three other cohorts were featured for originating Detroit Techno music. The exhibit captured his over 25 years of experience in the music industry, stretching back to when he got his first mixer for Christmas in 1977. That mixer led him to understand the power that music could have on people, which inspired him to make his first hit record, "Goodbye Kiss," released on Metroplex records in 1986. That recording, in turn, inspired Derrick May's and Kevin Saunderson's first acclaimed recordings. Eddie also single-handedly established a new genre of dance music, 'Techno-Soul,' by combining deep, soulful house sounds with more digital, electronic elements of his own sounds. He has now released over 150+ tracks. Also, Eddie has recordings on Sony, BMG, Warner Brothers, Tresor, Azuli, P.I.A.S.(London) to name a few majors and independents. He has remixed and/or produced The Pet Shops Boys, Moby, Martha Wash, Juan Atkins, Amp Fiddler, and countless European artists. Eddie's album "Welcome to my World" was named Top 25 by M8 magazine (London). 


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