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"The public doesn't want new music; the main thing that it demands of a composer is that he be dead." - Arthur Honegger Well Ekem is very much alive, and has risen to being one of Detroits favorite DJ's. Growing up in a city that is renowned the world over for its musical influence can bring not only a great feeling of pride and joy, but also a need for perfection and peer satisfaction. Detroit is one of the birthplaces of Electronic Music, and the influences there are outstanding. This influence rubbed off on Ekem from a young age. Picking up the guitar at the age of 11, and moving on to other instruments through his teens paved the way for his love of music, and he knew early on that was what he wanted life to be. As the years wore on Ekem was spending every summer at the Detroit Electronic Music Festival, as well as at various underground and house parties. This exposure to the EDM world had planted a deep seeded desire to learn the art of tables and mixing. Soon Ekem was borrowing gear and spent his time on the tables whenever he could. What started as playing at friends on weekends eventually evolved in to monthly bookings, weekly shows, and now nightly appearances. Today you can find Ekem banging out sounds at massive events with such high profile acts as Afrobeta, Keith Mackenzie, DJ FIXX, Outrage, Dirty Talk, Vaski, Danny the Wildchild, Hatrias, Dave Clarke, Umek, Roni Size, DJ Funk, HULK, and the members of The Detroit Techno Militia. As the owner of Sucker Punch! Pro, and one of the head members of Strange Luv, he also helps to promote and organize events throughout the area. Ekem's love of Electronic Music, his hometown, and his insatiable desire to perform, has crafted him a recognizable name within the realm of Detroit's Electronic Music scene. Along with his brother Kyle (aka. Enjoi) they have formed Sucker Punch! Productions, intent on bringing the newest and best to you, and the city of Detroit itself!