Ryan Start







“I play music that captivates and touches all of your senses. As the crowd’s energy changes, so does my sound and style. It’s all about taking people through a mental journey on the dance floor.”- Ryan Start. When you see Ryan play, expect the unexpected. Equally adept in genres from swing house to jungle to minimal, he is a keen observer and adapts to the vibe of the crowd. Originally trained as a drummer, Ryan was first chair percussionist in his high school’s marching band. He started going to underground Detroit raves right out of high school and began a lifelong love affair with electronic music. He bought his first set of turntables and a mixer in 1999, and has been rocking them ever since. 
Ryan held a residency at Clutch Cargo’s from 2009-2011, has traveled and played through out the mid-west U.S.A., and has played with and opened for a diverse collection of the world’s best performers.
His personal style has been influenced by many performers; some of his favorites are Frankie Bones, Carl Cox, Diesel Boy, AK 1200, Frankie Knuckles, Q-Bert, Shiftee, Justin Long, No Assembly Firm, Richie Hawtin, John Acquaviva, Aphrodite, and Umek. 
Ryan has found his home with Massive Detroit Records and Booking Agency, DYLA (Dance Your Life Away) Recordings, Convergent Sound Recordings (CSR), and Detox Recordings. Ryan began producing his own music in 2005, and his Don’t Get Caught EP was released on Detox Recordings in April of 2012. Ryan has releases coming out on CSR and DYLA spring/summer 2013, as well as remixes for CSR, DYLA, and Massive Detroit.
Fans of Ryan will be pleased to know that 2013 looks to be a busy year for him: with upcoming releases, several collaborative efforts in the works, a Spring Tour with CSR, and upcoming gigs booked throughout the year.
Ryan is a talent who you should keep on your watch list. This guy is sure to make an impact, and it looks like he is not stoping. Be on the look out for the releases coming out in 2013. Also, make sure to catch one of his DJ sets and bring your dancing shoes!


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