Born and raised in the suburbs of Metro Detroit, Shawn was surrounded by music at an early age. His parents had a big influence, with his mother listening to the likes of Genesis and his father introducing him to Black Sabbath. This gave him appreciation for a wide variety of music growing up. His first love for electronic music began when he first heard The Prodigy at the young age of 11, but that would be put on the back burner for a while. By this time, just listening to music wasn’t enough anymore. His father played the bass and his Grandfather played the saxaphone, but he chose to pick up percussion in his uncle’s footsteps when he reached the 5th grade. Other than the two years of teachings from school he taught himself how to play the drums. When he was 14 he met other people with similar interests and started his first band. All throughout his early to mid teenage years he went in and out of bands playing the drums in punk and metal bands. He started dabbling in vocals when he joined the band Make-Believe Time, and this is where he acquired the nickname ‘Mint’. After the band broke up, he was tired of relying on others for his musical outlet. He went back to his love of electronic music and bought his first turntables when he was 20. Gaining influence from Stacey Pullen and John Acquaviva he began to form his own style. In recent years he has made his mark as an up and coming DJ in Detroit. Starting his debut with Hardcore 313, he is now teamed up with Massive Detroit to push his sounds through and outside of Detroit. Spanning over the last 7 years, Shawn has been privileged to spin in some of Detroit’s best nightclubs and with some of the finest djs including Alan Fitzpatrick and Erphun. Mainly spinning a deeper tech-house style with bangin’ groovy bass lines and soothing melodies, he is also known to throw down collective sets of deep house, techno, and minimal. Shawn keeps the energy high and the intensity going, but knows how to take you down when the time is right. Rest assured he will have you moving from the start of his set to the very last beat.