DJ Pure

DJ Pure® was born in the Metro-Detroit area in 1985. He has always had a love for music and ever since his early teens has been making beats. Starting with his first drum set in the early 90's and moving on to his first set of tables and mixer in 2000 music has been in his blood. DJ Pure® started out with hip-hop beats and struck by the sound of the solid bass lines and pure vibe, he made the transformation into electronic music in 2004. For the last 10 years, DJ Pure® has been perfecting his skills behind the decks and has moved in to a comfortable position spinning House music, Tech House and everything in between. DJ Pure® made his debut in Tennessee in late 2004, where he helped shape the electronic music scene in Nashville. After 3 years of rocking the crowds there, he decided to bring his decks and his skills back to Detroit where he could break in to the electronic scene and really get himself recognized. Since then DJ Pure® has also moved on to producing his own music along with spinning records.