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An electronic entertainer & producer who has consumed himself in live performance studio work and banging beats for many years!  Always coming in swinging, full of amo, and ready to throw down some sweat shakers and dirty dark floor bangers that will do nothing short of leave your senses stunned with the sickness!!! D'ViCE has tampered in several areas of the electronic spectrum over the years and continues to pursue his passion of the movement in each and every performance and production.

Currently finding home and passion the form of all House, Tech House, Acid house, Electro House, Deep House and Break Beats, you could also catch on the rare, tracks and live performances of some dark sided Drum & Bass that will smash you in your face and take you to that other place! At anytime or in any place live catch D'VICE putting a beat down on some electronic Midi Mixer's, Tech 12's, Traktor gear & more! When seeing a live set you don't really know what to expect, creativity on the spot or just a straight up ass shaking show down plain and simple!

Freshly signed to Massive Detroit Records and residing just north of Detroit in Port Huron Mich look for D'vICE to branch out to endless areas and events to share the good word and vibe of electronic music, the creativity, and most important....the heart & soul! One thing is for certain when your gearing up and getting ready for a live performance or new cut, you better be ready to sweat, jump, throw down, and dance your ass off all night long...all night strong!!!